Reviewing The Rice People By Shahnon Ahmad English Literature Essay

Knowledge in literature besides can be found through linguistic communication and emotion. In composing a novel, the authors must utilize their emotion so that we can understand the narratives good. Through emotion, the narratives produced will go alive since there are emotions expressed by the characters. By making so, we as the readers will conceive of and understanding the narrative good. I take Malay novel “ The Rice People ” written by Shahnon Ahmad as an illustration. The manner Shahnon Ahmad describes the adversity gone through by Malay husbandmans is full with emotions. The emotion used in his novel is expressed utilizing more expressive linguistic communication. The manner he describes the crab onslaught is much extreme. He wrote about Jeha fought with the pediculosis pubis all the clip until she did non kip to boil the pediculosis pubis. After I read that portion, so I reflected myself. The inquiry that trigger in my head is, where was the immense pediculosis pubis come from? The emotion that he used will finally do me go more enthusiastic, sometimes my bosom will pump quickly in order to cognize what go on next. This shows that how “ outlook is created by the writer and recognized by the reader ”[ 1 ]. Through emotion besides I could cognize how endure the husbandmans had to confront while they gone through their live at that clip. Hence, I could state that the description which is exaggerate is a prevarication that show the degree of poorness and this made me go sympathy with that husbandman ‘s household.

Besides that, we look at written literature based on history. History is related to the events that occur in the past. Most historiographers want to present messages about important events in the yesteryear. So, they wrote that events in the fresh signifier in order to do the narratives more interesting, apprehensible and besides suited for all scope of ages. While they are making these, historiographers will take what they want to compose in their narratives. Some of them besides will do up the narratives, so the narratives will no longer associate with historical events since the author wrote their ain narratives. Because of this, such narratives are non truly matching to the existent history. Then, history will go ‘his ‘ narrative. For illustration, in the fresh Merdeka! Merdeka! , written by A. Rahman Hanapiah, it is a narrative about a nationalism of a immature adult male, named Kudin against the Communists. He sacrificed everything to protect his state even though he is still immature. Yet, is it Kudin a existent individual who involve in that group? The characters in the novel might be created by A. Rahman Hanapiah to do the narrative more interesting and meaningful. Kudin and his friends might be existent people in the past. We would non cognize except for the people who live in that epoch. Then, those people will believe that the characters in the novel itself are truly exist as they experienced the same epoch. But, “ a character in a novel ca n’t be compared to a existent individual from her or she has been copiedaˆ¦ ”[ 2 ]. So, for those who do non see the same state of affairs, they might believe those characters have been created by the author. Therefore, this novel is a prevarication that brings us to pragmatic truth which is everyone will non acquire the same truth.

Other than that, non every novel wrote based on experiences by the authors themselves. Some of them are taken from others experiences and has been made up in order to do a new narrative. So, the narrative wrote by a first-person storyteller will be different with the second-person storyteller because every storyteller will see things from different point-of-view. The novels wrote by the second-person storytellers are largely assorted up with the author ‘s imaginativeness and therefore it will non go a existent narrative any longer, but a fiction. I take a simple illustration, novel The Five Peoples You Meet In Heaven, by Mitch Albom. This narrative is about a life and decease of a care known as Eddie. Actually Albom wrote this novel based on his uncle ‘s life which is a hero in the novel ( Eddie ) . After Eddie died, he met the five people in Eden who are really affected in his life. Albom has created a phantasy in his novel because he put his imaginativeness on afterlife which is impossible to us to cognize the people are we traveling to run into in Eden. When I read this novel, I wondered how Mitch Albom knows who the five people are. Then, I asked myself. How can I cognize the people I am traveling to run into in afterlife? Are they truly be? No, it is merely an imaginativeness from the author. Through this, Albom has something to convey to us which is we live for a ground and all the five people described in the novel have a moral value. Hence, literature like novel is a prevarication but it brings us closer to the truth.

However, some people argue that some humanistic disciplines are non a prevarication particularly novels written based on history. They claim that “ the history of the universe enriches literatures in a manner that the coevalss of today are able to see the universe as it existed old ages ago ”[ 3 ]. They besides claim that the hereafter coevals will larn the old civilizations and learn from the past errors through literature. I could non deny that there are some novels which tell the existent narrative. But, non all the novel tells the existent narrative. There is a possibility of biasness in taking the narrative that the author would wish to compose in order to carry through the people ‘s involvement. Normally bias is inevitable because of the author is showing his/ or her positions. In most of the instances, authors will cover their prejudice up perchance because of their novels excessively controversial to print. By making prejudice, they will do the readers merely read the surface of the narrative. Mentioning to fresh Merdeka! Merdeka! , if at that clip communists become authorization and if it is unsafe to critic about communism, he could siding on communism and tells the good things about communism. When this happen, his fresh go a prevarication and the readers will acquire near to the truth which is communism is good, contradicts with the people who are experienced that. Therefore, biasness presented in the novel will do the novel becomes a prevarication.

Furthermore, there are some novels are wrote for the intent such as to portion or give a broad positions about assorted civilizations all around the universe. Most novelists like to compose a novel because of their involvement to portion the unique of one ‘s civilization. If we look into fresh Things Fall Apart, written by Chinua Achebe, he describes a batch of Nigerian ‘s civilizations. One of them is belief in the wood ‘s liquors. It seems like unlogical when the author tells when the people there communicate with those liquors, but that are really happen in Nigeria. So, it is a prevarication for some people because they do non believe that. Although Chinua Achebe used his imaginativeness to do the narrative more interesting, but he is really brings us nearer to the truth about Nigerian ‘s civilizations.

As a decision, literature is a alone written plants which has subjective nature. Imagination plays an of import function in literature to present the messages efficaciously since it has aesthetic value although it looks like unrealistic. Even the narrative is written based on facts ; it can be a prevarication when the authors manipulate facts. In literature, prevarication is particular because this prevarication can convey us closer to the truth. Hence, I would wish to emphasize once more that I agree with Pablo Picasso ‘s claim, ‘Art is a prevarication that brings us nearer to the truth ‘ in the context of literature.

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